Private Vocal Tuition

Pro Vox vocal training is suitable for any contemporary singers of any ability. Whether you are looking to learn the basics, expand your knowledge, train at a professional level or sing for fun. Pro Vox tailor each lesson to suit the specific needs of individual students.

Training is also open to Actors or those in a career of Public Speaking. Carrie can assist with confidence techniques, projection, breath control, pace, avoiding voice loss and much more.

We presently have 4 vocal teachers available for training. Carrie at our Advanced teaching level, Jennifer at our Post-Graduate Level, Megan at our Intermediate level and our Young Voices Teacher, Ellie-Jay.

Anyone unsure of which teaching level to begin with would be advised to take a Vocal Consultation with Carrie, for assessment and advice.


Pro Vox mission

We want our students to learn everything they need to know about their voice, including up to date research methods being used today by industry professionals.

Learn the skills to control and build your vocal ability through regular training. Gain performance experience and qualifications to help assist your future.

Students of any age and ability can learn how to master the art of singing. At Pro Vox we want to assist your abilities and help you to develop your future prospects.



Each lesson is delivered to the specific needs of an individual student covering areas such as:

  • Vocal Technique
  • Vocal Biology/Anatomy
  • Pitching/Tone Development
  • Breath Control
  • Core Support
  • Public Speaking
  • Performance Skills
  • Microphone Technique
  • Confidence Building
  • Projection and 'safe' Belting
  • Artist Development
  • Songwriting
  • Live Performance Artistry
  • Audition/Examination Preparation
  • Music Theory/Aural tests (LCM Syllabus)


Pro Vox has a strong belief that everybody has the ability to sing. It does take some students longer than others to master their skills, but anyone with a passion can learn and master their art.

If you have any specific requests to vocal training or would like to hear more about how we can assist with your personal situation, please do not hesitate to contact me -

Vocal training is available with our Director/Advanced Vocal Teacher Carrie, Monday 10am-8pm, Tuesday 3.30-9pm, Wednesday 11am-8pm, and Saturdays 12.30-3.30pm throughout  the academic year.

Please Note: across May-August more Advanced slots are available when Carrie is not on timetable in her university teaching roles..

(Excluding Christmas and New Year)

Vocal training is available with  our Post-Graduate Teacher Jennifer Tuesdays 10am-3pm and Thursdays 11am-7pm. 

Vocal training is available with  our Intermediateate Teacher Megan Saturdays 11am-6pm and Thursdays 3-8pm

Vocal training is available with  our  Young Voices Teacher Ellie-Jay Saturdays 10am-2pm.

Students may book as a one off lesson, a course of lessons or regular weekly/fortnightly lessons. Any students taking regular weekly tuition will receive first priority to performance opportunities and exam places.

How can we help...?

  • Would you like to improve your vocal ability?

  • Need official qualifications in singing for higher education?

  • Assistance with song writing or artist development for the Industry?

  • Would you like to learn how to sing in tune?

  • Looking to improve your power or breath control?

  • Want to learn about the biological mechanics of the voice?

  • Medical issues affecting your performance?

  • Do you lose your voice often?

  • Issues with confidence or nervousness?

  • Looking for performance experience?

  • Do you have an up coming audition?

  • Are you looking for a fun hobby?
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