Teachers & Fees

We have an amazing team of vocal teachers with an array of teaching experience levels (noted by their names) and specialisms in order to provide the best teaching to meet the training needs of each student at the best prices. All of our teachers are well equiped and continue to develop to teach singers of all abilities. We advise those looking for a fast track to your vocal health or performance goals to work with a teacher with a higher level of experience.

Private lessons take place at our Box Studios location and are 1 hour long for adults and young people who are reaching higher grades while younger singers (aged 6+) start with 30 minute lessons.

Vocal Training - Contact us today to book in

Carrie Simone Birmingham - Director & Advanced Vocal Teacher

Additional Training/Specialties: Qualified Vocal Rehabilitation Coach, Certified Vocal Health First Aider, Belt Vocals, Rock and Extreme FX, Teenager and CIS Male/ CIS Female Voice Change, Musical Theatre Repertoire and Acting Through Song, Studio Session Vocals, and Industry Audition and Drama School Application. 

Vocal Consultation - £35

30-45 minute vocal assessment and health check with written feedback

Vocal Rehabilitation Coaching (VRC) - £50

VRC sessions aimed at rehabilitating vocalists who have overcome recent vocal health diagnosis and treatment via ENT/SLT

*1 hour with our Director Carrie, an approved BAPAM and NHS Voice Clinic team member. Carrie is 1 of only 8 approved BAPAM VRC's in the UK and is 1 of only 3 based in the North.  

Private Vocal Tuition - £50 / £30

1 hour - £50
30 minutes - £30

Freelance Workshops/Lectures - from £65

Book Carrie to deliver a specialist workshop or lecture at your work place, performing arts institute, etc. Get in touch with your requests.

Megan Edwards - Co-Director & Upper-Intermediate Vocal Teacher

Additional Training/Specialties: Certified Vocal Health First Aider, Belt Vocals, Intermediate-Advanced Musical Theatre, Male Changing Voices, Rock Vocal FX, and Songwriting Coaching.

Private Vocal Tuition - £35 / £18

1 hour - £35

30 minutes - £18

Josephine Wilcock - Manager & Upper-Intermediate Vocal Teacher

Additional Training/Specialties: Certified Vocal Health First Aider, Vocal Harmony & Choir Directing.

Private Vocal Tuition - £35 / £18

1 hour - £35

30 minutes - £18

Laura Wade - Graduate Vocal Teacher In Training*

Additional Training/Specialties: Musical Theatre, Acting Through Song, Choreography.

Private Vocal Tuition - £25 / £12.50

1 hour - £25
30 minutes - £12.50

Brooke Dunn - Young Voices Teacher In Training*

Private Vocal Tuition (under 21s only) - £25 / £12.50

1 hour - £25

30 minutes - £12.50

*Our Teacher Training Scheme is aimed at developing long term Pro Vox students with advanced vocal ability and an interest in teaching vocals. Training includes observations, work experience and entry to the London College of Music Teaching Diploma. This pathway is an 18 month - 2 year commitment leading to professional work. The scheme enables promising new teachers valuable experience while offering accessible, lower priced tuition to their students.

Visiting Specialists

Andrew Stephenson - Visiting Musical Theatre Specialist, Mock Examiner & Accompanist

Group Training/Activities


Our in-house workshops, covering anything from vocal health to song writing, are a great addition to upskilling you beyond vocal performance. Some of these will be led by our in-house Vocal Teachers and others may be led by guest teachers.

We will always provide notice of these details before any bookings are made. As a guide, prices may range from around £5 to £100 per session and last between 1 hour to a full day.

Choirs / Other

Additional group training or new provisions may be added.

Pro Sing Parties

Our party packages start from £195 for 8 participants aged 6-16.

Exams & Shows


London College of Music (LCM) examination fees and mock exam fees are separate to the regular tuition fees but we will always provide at least 4 weeks notice for these costs.



Ticket fees for our annual showcases - Music Theatre, Acoustic and Sing! (live band accompaniment) - will be requested with notice, we encourage all students to take part in these performance opportunities.