Vocal Tuition

What We Offer

Pro Vox private vocal tuition is suitable for contemporary singers of any ability aged 6 to adult. Whether you are looking to learn the basics, expand your knowledge, train at a professional level, overcome vocal health issues, gain performance experience or qualifications, or sing for fun. Pro Vox tailor each lesson to suit the specific needs of individual students.

We presently have 5 vocal teachers available for training singers. All new students may choose to take a Vocal Consultation with Carrie for assessment and advice on training needs and the most suitable teachers. Head to Teachers & Fees to find out more...

Training is also open to Actors or those in a career of Public Speaking with our Director and Advanced Vocal Teacher, Carrie who can assist with confidence techniques, projection, breath control, pace, avoiding voice loss and much more.

We Can Help You...

  • improve your vocal ability and technique - from singing in tune to breath control to power notes

  • gain London College of Music (LCM) qualifications in singing

  • overcome issues affecting your vocal health or performance - such as frequent voice loss

  • learn about how your voice works

  • with theory, song writing, basic guitar/keys skills, or artist development

  • gain confidence and have opportunity to gain performance experience

  • prepare for auditions, drama school application, or professional performances

  • discover a fun hobby and learn about yourself

Individualised Lessons

Each lesson will include a Vocal Warm-up and Exercises to promote excellent vocal health and develop technique. We will also address the specific needs of the individual student by covering areas such as:

  • core support and breath control
  • vocal anatomy

  • articulation

  • microphone technique and performance artistry

  • rock/alt vocal FX

  • belting

  • audition or exam preparation

  • music theory, songwriting, guitar/keys accompaniment skills

  • building confidence and stamina

    Training for All

    Pro Vox has a strong belief that everybody has the ability to sing. It does take some students longer than others to master their skills, but anyone with passion can learn and master their art.

    Vocal students may book as a one off lesson or regular weekly/fortnightly lessons. Students taking regular weekly tuition will receive first priority for exam place and our 3 annual shows - Music Theatre, Acoustic and Sing! (live band accompaniment).

    If you have any specific requests to vocal training or would like to hear more about how we can assist you please get in touch.