Check out our feedback from students Carrie has worked with over the past 4 years.


Terry Maloney (29)

I have worked on my vocals with Carrie as my tutor since May 2012 and always look forward to my weekly lessons. Carrie is a really friendly person who has been able to push me to do better in a relaxed and fun approach. I enjoy my lessons with Carrie and sing as a hobby which I want to continue because Carrie makes lessons fun and enjoyable. I am a Drama teacher and have past experience in performing on stage in many amateur productions as a child and during University.



Melanie Sheerin (29)

I took up singing lessons in December 2011 which were given to me Christmas present. Initially I was just going to have the 6 lessons I was bought and then call it a day, but after the first lesson I enjoyed it that much I wanted to continue. Carrie has a great style of teaching and makes you feel very relaxed and builds your confidence. I have recommended people to her in the past and they were very happy and continue to have lessons with her to this day. Anyone wanting to improve on their singing voice go with Carrie you won't be disappointed.


Konnie Higgins (9) 

I have been doing singing lessons with Carrie for the past 12-14 months and I have done 2 exams (one Pop vocals one Musical theatre) both achieving great results. Carrie is an amazing teacher, she has really helped me a lot with confidence, because of Carrie I have really improved. Carrie is the best singing teacher you would ever be able to get! I am very proud to be one of her students :-D


Jamie Weston (30)

I started taking lessons from Carrie 2 years ago on a weekly basis (2011). I had been performing at open mic nights around the city for a few years but wasn’t happy with my voice so took a break from performing and spent some time improving my voice. Carrie is an amazing teacher, very friendly and puts you at ease from day one, finding out what your goals are and working towards hitting them. She has taught me how to correctly use my voice and the improvement she has helped me achieve is amazing!

Anyone who has an interest in singing or looking to do it professionally, I highly recommend you use Carrie, it will be a decision you won’t regret. Safe to say I now feel a lot more confident performing and it has also helped me with my song writing.

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